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Official websites for academic conferences

We create websites for academic conferences, that either stand alone or are hosted by the server of your university so that you can easily install and launch your site to advertise your conference. We also provide hosting for many types of websites.

Registration systems for academic conferences

We provide a registration database system that allows both attendees and presenters to register online. Optional features include a search function and online payment system. Each system uses the original library, but is flexible. You have the option of using a WWW server or a SQL software installed server as your host. Aside from these we also provide many other types of hosting to fit your needs.

Document management systems

We provide this service as an optional part of our conference registration system. Conference presenters can login on their mypage and upload their materials. The uploader is compatible with PDFs (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), Powerpoint (.ppt), and all other file formats. The system is reusable year after year, saving you time and money. It's convenient and economical! We can also handle paper-based proceedings by making use of the same materials.

Multilingual websites

We can set up your website for multilingual usage whenever you choose a CMS-based website. Visitors can select languages by clicking a button such as a national flag. They don’t need to move to the front page but can click from wherever they are on your site and read an article in different languages – for example, someone could stay on one page and read the same article in English, Chinese, and Japanese. The main index and sub-navigation also change automatically to the appropriate language.

Website updating support

If you need assistance in updating your website, we can update it for you. Or you or a member of your team can easily update your site using the administrator's page at anytime and anywhere you like.

Please contact us through our online form, or if you need immediate assistance, please call our agency or subsidiary company in Japan. We are also available by Skype - please let us know if you need our Skype ID.

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